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Premium shōchū (Honkaku shōchū)

  1. Premium shōchū must be a distilled liquor made by traditional Japanese methods dating back over 500 years.
  2. It is produced with a special emphasis on the flavor of the raw ingredients, which can include sweet potatoes, rice, and barley, and many producers use the individual characteristics of the ingredients to great effect.
  3. Shōchū improves circulation and activates a thrombolytic enzyme that dissolves clotted blood (urokinase) to a greater extent than any other alcohol.
    Reference: Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association http://www.honkakushochu-awamori.jp/health/healthy/


Kozuru Kuro – Sweet Potato (Satsuma-imo) Shōchū

Kozuru Kuro
Origin of product name
In Japanese folklore, the crane, or tsuru, is said to live for a thousand years,
and is the symbol of longevity and good fortune. A great number of cranes
visit Kagoshima during the winter. Taking its name from the “ko” of Komasa,
the surname of the company founder, and “zuru”, an alternative pronunciation
of “tsuru”, Kozuru expresses our hopes for long life and good luck.
Kozuru Kuro has been a local favorite in Kagoshima since our earliest beginnings. It is made using high-quality, 100 percent Kagoshima-grown sweet potatoes, Japanese rice, and black kōji.
Volume of content
1.8 L/900 ml bottles/720 ml bottles (25% alcohol)

Akazaru – Premium Shōchū

Origin of product name
Japanese folklore tells of a large primate-like creature known as a shōjō,
which is said to resemble a human with a red face and to have a fondness
for alcohol. Ever willing to take on new challenges, we have applied our passion for what we do to create an original new shōchū that we think the legendary, alcohol-loving shōjō would thoroughly approve of.
We use a rare variety of sweet potato known as the “King of Murasaki-imo” (purple-fleshed sweet potatoes,) and ferment it with white kōji mold. The result is finished using our unique distilling equipment to create an easy-to-drink shōchū with a sweet and fruity taste and aroma.
Volume of content
1.8 L/900 ml bottles (25% alcohol)

Kura No Shikon – Distiller’s Choice Shochu

Origin of product name
Literally meaning, “the Spirit of the Master Distiller,” Kura No Shikon was named in homage of all those who have passed on their knowledge and skills to distillery workers over the 130 years since our inception, and to indicate our determination to live up to their spirit.
Using high quality sweet potatoes made by Shin Higashibaba, manager of
our contracted commercial farm, whose produce has won the Emperor’s
Award, and koshihikari rice, this is a hard-to-find shōchū that is matured
for a long time in earthenware pots.
Maturation results in a mellow aroma and agreeable taste with a smooth finish.
Volume of content
1.8 L/720 ml bottles (25% alcohol)

Mellowed Kozuru Excellence – Rice Shōchū

エクセレンス ボトルグラス付き
 Origin of product name
Inspired to produce a shōchū that would stand with the world’s most famous liquors, we introduced Mellowed Kozuru in 1957 as Japan’s first shōchū to be aged long-term in oak casks. “Mellow” refers to the smooth, soft texture, which is intended for relaxed enjoyment at the end of the day.
It all starts with the selection of rice suitable for aging. Then undiluted shōchū is made and aged long-term in oak casks, which impart to this premium shōchū a mellow texture and luscious aroma comparable in some ways to whisky.
 Volume of content
700 ml/180 ml bottles (41% alcohol)
  • 2009-2011 Monde Selection, Grand Gold Quality Award three years runningInternational High Quality Trophy
  • 2014 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition, Trophy and Gold Award in shōchū category

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